Table 1: Overview of the T. parvula draft genome sequence

From: The genome of the extremophile crucifer Thellungiella parvula

Number of contigs1,496
Total length of contigs137.09 Mb
Number of contigs at least N508
Contig N505.29 Mb
Contig N9053,201 bp
Minimum contig length1,008 bp
Maximum contig length13.08 Mb
Median contig length5,657 bp
Mean contig length91,635 bp
GC content35.75%
Number of predicted genesa30,419
Number of protein coding ORFs28,901
Gene frequency1 gene/4,507 bp
ORF frequency1 ORF/4,705 bp
Mean gene length2,110 bp
Mean predicted ORF length1,252 bp
Longest gene27,059 bp
Longest ORF16,758 bp
Mean number of exons per gene5.45
Mean exon length230 bp
GC content in exons53.10%
Mean intron length191 bp
GC content in introns22.47%
Mean intergenic region length2,586 bp
GC content in intergenic regions31.82%
  1. N50 contig size is the value X such that at least half of the genome is contained in contigs of size X or larger. N90 is the equivalent value at which 90% of the genome is covered by contigs of size X or larger.
  2. aGene numbers were counted following the TAIR convention, that is, including the numbers of protein coding genes, transposable element (based on BLASTn with A. thaliana transposable elements) and noncoding RNA genes. ORF, open reading frame.