Figure 4 : Assembly of the seven chromosomes of T. parvula.

From: The genome of the extremophile crucifer Thellungiella parvula

Figure 4

(a) Outline of the ancestral karyotype segments determined by comparative chromosome painting techniques26,27 in A. thaliana chromosomes. The ancestral karyotype segments, denoted A to X, are drawn to scale based on the A. thaliana genome sequence. (b) T. parvula contigs aligned to the Eutremeae (n = 7) karyotype schema26,28 and the ORFs defining the borders of the ancestral karyotype segments. A. thaliana locus IDs showing the highest homology with each ORF are given in parentheses. Shown are T. parvula contigs covering the ancestral karyotype segments. Complete chromosome assignment of the 40 largest contigs, including the contigs covering the centromeric regions, are presented in Supplementary Table 10. (c) Circos plot presenting the assembly of seven chromosomes. The 40 largest T. parvula contigs are shown. The links and histograms in the outer circles showing the distribution of protein coding genes and repetitive sequences were generated as in Figure 1. The ancestral karyotype segments in the A. thaliana chromosomes and T. parvula contigs and the links connecting them are depicted with colors as in a and b.