Figure 2 : Prediction and annotation of ORFs in the T. parvula draft genome.

From: The genome of the extremophile crucifer Thellungiella parvula

Figure 2

(a) Length distribution of predicted T. parvula ORFs. (b) Comparison of T. parvula predicted ORFs with A. thaliana cDNAs showing the highest BLASTn hit score. The ratio of T. parvula ORF length to A. thaliana cDNA length is given as a percentage. In both a and b, the vertical axes and numbers above the bars are counts. Comparison of GO 'biological processes' (c) and GO 'molecular function' categories (d) between A. thaliana cDNAs (At) and T. parvula predicted ORFs (Tp). The GO categories are as defined in TAIR GOslim (see URLs). Categories with significant differences calculated using a χ2 test, as described in the Online Methods, are indicated as *P < 0.05 or **P < 0.01. In c, the GOslim categories 'other metabolic processes' (GO:0008152), 'other physiological processes' (GO:0007582) and 'other biological processes' (GO:0008150) are not shown. The complete list of cDNA and ORF numbers in each of the GO categories and their associated P values are listed in Supplementary Table 8.