Supplementary Figure 3 : CARD11 mutated patients show mildly impaired B cell signaling and efficient B cell development.

From: Germline hypomorphic CARD11 mutations in severe atopic disease

Supplementary Figure 3

(a) PBMCs were stimulated with PMA and the signaling constituents were analyzed by intracellular flow cytometry (NS, no stimulation). (b) Representative analysis of CD19+CD27+ conventional memory B cells in a related healthy control (HC) subject and CARD11 mutated patients (left); summary of frequencies is depicted on the right. (c) Representative dot plots of CD21 and CD10 staining on CD19+CD27 naïve B cells in a related healthy control and CARD11 mutated patients (upper panels). Lower panels indicate frequencies of CD19+CD27CD21loCD10hi transitional type 1 B cells, CD19+CD27CD21+CD10+ transitional type 2 B cells, CD19+CD27CD21+CD10 mature naïve B cells and CD19+CD27CD21−/loCD10 B cells of CARD11 mutant patients compared with healthy control subjects. Each symbol represents a subject; solid lines display means, dashed lines show HC mean.