Supplementary Figure 5 : CARD11 mutated patients show normal Treg cell frequencies, and CARD11 mutated patient Treg cells display normal suppressive function.

From: Germline hypomorphic CARD11 mutations in severe atopic disease

Supplementary Figure 5

(a) Representative analysis of gated CD25+CD127lo (upper panels) and CD25+FOXP3+ (lower panels) on CD3+CD4+ T cells of a healthy (HC) control subject and CARD11 mutated patients (A-I, Family C) vs. control (C-II.2). (b) Quantitation of FOXP3+CD25+ Tregs among CD45RO+ CD127low CD4 T cells for family B members vs. healthy controls (HC). (c) Representative histograms of Treg-mediated suppression of autologous and heterologous CFSE labeled responder T cells (Tresp) from two CARD11 mutated patients compared to a healthy donor. Dashed line display non-stimulated Tresp cells. (d,e) Autologous and heterologous suppressive capacity of Treg cells of HC and CARD11 mutated patients. (f) Suppression of healthy control and CARD11 mutated patient Tresp cells by Tregs from healthy control. Full lines display the means and the dashed lines show the mean of the HC.