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Genetic association study of exfoliation syndrome identifies a protective rare variant at LOXL1 and five new susceptibility loci

Nature Genetics volume 49, pages 9931004 (2017) | Download Citation


Exfoliation syndrome (XFS) is the most common known risk factor for secondary glaucoma and a major cause of blindness worldwide. Variants in two genes, LOXL1 and CACNA1A, have previously been associated with XFS. To further elucidate the genetic basis of XFS, we collected a global sample of XFS cases to refine the association at LOXL1, which previously showed inconsistent results across populations, and to identify new variants associated with XFS. We identified a rare protective allele at LOXL1 (p.Phe407, odds ratio (OR) = 25, P = 2.9 × 10−14) through deep resequencing of XFS cases and controls from nine countries. A genome-wide association study (GWAS) of XFS cases and controls from 24 countries followed by replication in 18 countries identified seven genome-wide significant loci (P < 5 × 10−8). We identified association signals at 13q12 (POMP), 11q23.3 (TMEM136), 6p21 (AGPAT1), 3p24 (RBMS3) and 5q23 (near SEMA6A). These findings provide biological insights into the pathology of XFS and highlight a potential role for naturally occurring rare LOXL1 variants in disease biology.

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This research is supported by the Biomedical Research Council, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (to C.C.K.), by the Glaucoma Foundation of New York (to C.C.K.), by grants from the National Medical Research Council, Singapore NMRC/TCR/008-SERI/2013 and NMRC/STAR/0023/2014 to T.A. and NMRC/CBRG/0032/2013 to E.N.V.), by the Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung (IZKF-E23) from Germany to F.P. and U.S.-S., and by grants from the US National Institutes of Health: UM1 CA186107, R01 CA49449, R01 AR056291, R01 CA131332, P01 CA055075, R01 CA134958 and R01 EY015473 to J.L.W. For XFS cases in the US GWAS data set, genotyping services were provided through a grant to J.L.W. (HG008597) by the Center for Inherited Disease Research (CIDR). CIDR is fully funded through a federal contract from the US National Institutes of Health to The Johns Hopkins University, contract HHSN268201200008I. The Beijing, China, collection was supported by funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81030016 and 81570837), the Program of Beijing Scholars (2013), the National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for Significant New Drugs Development (2011ZX09302-007-05) and Leading Talents–High-Level Talents of the Health System of Beijing (2009-1-05) to N. Wang. We dedicate this article to the ophthalmologist Eva Forsman from Finland who passed away after diagnosing all of the exfoliation syndrome cases from Finland.

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Author notes

    • Tin Aung
    • , Mineo Ozaki
    • , Mei Chin Lee
    • , Ursula Schlötzer-Schrehardt
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    • , Andrew C Orr
    • , Kathryn P Burdon
    • , Satoko Nakano
    • , Kazuhiko Mori
    • , Khaled Abu-Amero
    •  & Michael Hauser

    These authors contributed equally to this work.

    • Fridbert Jonasson
    • , R Rand Allingham
    • , Dan Milea
    • , Robert Ritch
    • , Toshiaki Kubota
    • , Kei Tashiro
    • , Eranga N Vithana
    • , Shazia Micheal
    • , Fotis Topouzis
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    • , Michael Dubina
    • , Periasamy Sundaresan
    • , Kari Stefansson
    • , Janey L Wiggs
    • , Francesca Pasutto
    •  & Chiea Chuen Khor

    These authors jointly directed this work.


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Competing interests

The authors declare no competing financial interests.

Corresponding authors

Correspondence to Tin Aung or Janey L Wiggs or Francesca Pasutto or Chiea Chuen Khor.

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  1. 1.

    Supplementary Text and Figures

    Supplementary Figures 1–23, Supplementary Tables 1–5, 8–13 and 15–17, and Supplementary Note.

Excel files

  1. 1.

    Supplementary Table 6

    Genome-wide significant (P < 5 × 10−8) SNPs emerging from the LOXL1 deep sequencing effort after fixed-effects meta-analysis is performed.

  2. 2.

    Supplementary Table 7

    Details of all 63 amino acid substitutions (excluding the well-known rs3825942[G>A] for p.Gly153Asp and rs1048661[T>G] for p.Leu141Arg) that were detected from the deep resequencing of LOXL1 in 5,566 exfoliation syndrome cases and 6,279 controls from nine countries.

  3. 3.

    Supplementary Table 14

    LD regions around each of the seven genome-wide significant loci for exfoliation syndrome.

  4. 4.

    Supplementary Data 1

    Phased LOXL1 haplotypes from deep resequencing data.

  5. 5.

    Supplementary Data 3

    INRICH pathway analysis.

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    Supplementary Data 2

    Summary statistics for the genome-wide association study.

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