Supplementary Figure 3 : Transcription of XACT in a range of human tissues.

From: Genome-wide association study identifies distinct genetic contributions to prognosis and susceptibility in Crohn's disease

Supplementary Figure 3

RNA sequencing data from the XACT locus in a range of human tissues. Raw data were downloaded and aligned against the hg19 genome using Star3. (ad) The data sets comprised GEO series GSE45326 (ref. 4; n = 1 per tissue) (a,b) and the Illumina Human Bodythe Map 2.0 project (ArrayExpress E-MTAB-513, n = 1 per tissue) (c,d). The bar plots in a and c depict FPKM for the human tissues studied. The tables in b and d contain the raw and normalized data for each tissue.