Supplementary Figure 8 : Genetic risk scores using the extended Crohn’s disease SNP list (P < 1 × 10–4).

From: Genome-wide association study identifies distinct genetic contributions to prognosis and susceptibility in Crohn's disease

Supplementary Figure 8

(ac) Box-and-whisker plots of weighted genetic risk scores between good- and poor-prognosis Crohn’s disease subgroups. (a) L1 (ileal disease, n = 742). (b) L2 (colonic disease, n = 724). (c) L3 (ileocolonic disease, n = 947). Boxes represent the mean and interquartile range. Whiskers represent maximum and minimum values. Genetic risk scores were calculated using an extended list of Crohn’s disease–associated SNPs (P < 1 × 10–4) and their published β values6. (d) Distribution of unweighted risk allele counts in the extended list of Crohn’s disease SNPs between the good-prognosis and poor-prognosis Crohn’s disease subgroups. Purple histogram bars represent the poor-prognosis Crohn’s disease subgroup, and yellow histogram bars represent the good-prognosis Crohn’s disease subgroup. Statistical significance was assessed using unpaired two-tailed Student's t tests and were stratified for disease location; n = 2,413.