Supplementary Figure 13: 6AN targeted reprogrammed LOCK regions. | Nature Genetics

Supplementary Figure 13: 6AN targeted reprogrammed LOCK regions.

From: Epigenomic reprogramming during pancreatic cancer progression links anabolic glucose metabolism to distant metastasis

Supplementary Figure 13

(a) Mapping 6AN-repressed DE genes to A38Lg LOCKs revealed that these were located in reprogrammed LOCK-EI regions. (b) ChIP–seq on DMSO- versus 6AN-treated A38Lg detected a quantitative increase in LOCK-wide H3K9me2 levels from reprogrammed regions (as aligned to A38Per LOCKs). (c) ChIP–seq also detected 6AN-induced quantitative reductions in H3K27ac specifically from genes repressed from LOCKs. (d) Scatterplots with correlation coefficients showed that the quantitative reductions in H3K27ac from 6AN-downregulated LOCK genes also partially corresponded to genes that were co-(down)-regulated in A38Per (top), relative to all LOCK genes examined together (bottom). (e) Unlike H3K27ac, no significant differences in H3K27me3 levels were detected from genes repressed in LOCKs or other genes, similar to immunoblot findings.

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