Supplementary Figure 12 : Quality checks on per-individual differential mutational burden across populations.

From: Recombination affects accumulation of damaging and disease-associated mutations in human populations

Supplementary Figure 12

Distribution of odds ratios (ORs) per individual in French Canadians (FCQ), Europeans (EUR), Asians (ASN) and Africans (AFR), comparing proportions of (a) nonsynonymous variants after modifying annotations in the 1000 Genomes Project populations (see the Supplementary Note, section 4.1) and (b) nonsynonymous and (c) rare variants, after excluding mutations that are fixed in one population but still segregating in others, between coldspots (CS) and highly recombining regions (HRRs). The differences between populations observed in Figure 5 remain the same after correcting for these potential technical differences.