Supplementary Figure 9 : Per-individual differential mutational burden across populations.

From: Recombination affects accumulation of damaging and disease-associated mutations in human populations

Supplementary Figure 9

Comparison of proportions of (a) rare and (b) nonsynonymous mutations between coldspots (CS) and highly recombining regions (HRRs) in French Canadians (FCQ), Europeans (EUR), Asians (ASN) and Africans (AFR). For each individual (ordered by their OR values), the relative proportions of rare or nonsynonymous mutations in coldspots and HRRs are shown, computed by dividing coldspot and HRR proportions by genome-wide proportions of rare or nonsynonymous variants within each individual, to adjust for differences across individuals. The larger symbols represent individuals with the minimum and maximum OR values in each population. Ticks at the bottom of the plots show individual OR values significantly different from 1 (two-tailed P < 0.05). The French-Canadian data used are the RNA sequencing data set (Supplementary Note, section 2); replication with exome data of 96 French Canadians is presented in Supplementary Figure 11.