Supplementary Figure 4 : Distribution of conservation across exons measured by GERP scores in coldspots (CS) and highly recombining regions (HRRs).

From: Recombination affects accumulation of damaging and disease-associated mutations in human populations

Supplementary Figure 4

(a) Mean GERP score per exon. (b) Proportion of constrained positions (GERP > 3) per exon. (c) Scatter plot of mean GERP by the proportion of constrained positions for all exons. (d) For each measure of conservation per exon, exons were grouped into four categories of equal size. Only exons that were concordant between the two classifications were kept in analyses within conservation categories, to minimize the effect of outliers for one of the two measures. Characteristics of exons in these four conservation categories in terms of average GERP score per base pair and number of constrained sites per base pair (GERP > 3) are reported in Supplementary Table 7.