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Genome-wide association study identifies multiple susceptibility loci for diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Nature Genetics volume 46, pages 12331238 (2014) | Download Citation


Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is the most common lymphoma subtype and is clinically aggressive. To identify genetic susceptibility loci for DLBCL, we conducted a meta-analysis of 3 new genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and 1 previous scan, totaling 3,857 cases and 7,666 controls of European ancestry, with additional genotyping of 9 promising SNPs in 1,359 cases and 4,557 controls. In our multi-stage analysis, five independent SNPs in four loci achieved genome-wide significance marked by rs116446171 at 6p25.3 (EXOC2; P = 2.33 × 10−21), rs2523607 at 6p21.33 (HLA-B; P = 2.40 × 10−10), rs79480871 at 2p23.3 (NCOA1; P = 4.23 × 10−8) and two independent SNPs, rs13255292 and rs4733601, at 8q24.21 (PVT1; P = 9.98 × 10−13 and 3.63 × 10−11, respectively). These data provide substantial new evidence for genetic susceptibility to this B cell malignancy and point to pathways involved in immune recognition and immune function in the pathogenesis of DLBCL.

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We thank C. Allmer, E. Angelucci, A. Bigelow, S. Buehler, K. Butterbach, A. Chabrier, J.M. Conners, M. Corines, M. Cornelis, K. Corsano, H. Dykes, L. Ershler, A. Gabbas, R.P. Gallagher, R.D. Gascoyne, P. Hui, L. Irish, L. Jacobus, L. Klareskog, A.S. Lai, J. Lunde, M. McAdams, R. Montalvan, L. Padyukov, M. Rais, T. Rattle, L. Rigacci, K. Snyder, G. Specchia, M. Stagner, G. Thomas, C. Tornow, G. Wood and M. Yang. The overall GWAS project was supported by the Intramural Program of the US National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute. A list of support provided to individual studies appears in the Supplementary Note.

Author information

Author notes

    • James R Cerhan
    • , Sonja I Berndt
    • , Joseph Vijai
    • , Hervé Ghesquières
    • , James McKay
    • , Sophia S Wang
    •  & Zhaoming Wang

    These authors contributed equally to this work.

    • Xifeng Wu
    • , Silvia de Sanjose
    • , Karin E Smedby
    • , Gilles Salles
    • , Christine F Skibola
    • , Nathaniel Rothman
    •  & Stephen J Chanock

    These authors jointly directed this work.


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