Sensitive and Rapid Assay for L-Asparaginase

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L-ASPARAGINASE (L-asparagine amidohydrolase EC from various sources has anti-tumorigenic properties1. Its presence confers on guinea-pig serum activity against experimental acute lymphatic leukaemia2. Most available asparaginase preparations are derived from microorganisms. In particular, two enzymes of Escherichia coli have been studied and one of them (EC2) has induced remissions in numerous patients with acute lymphatic leukaemia3. After relapse, however, different treatment is often necessary. This suggests that various microorganisms should be screened for effective producers of L-asparaginase, immunologically different from that of E. coli. A simple and sensitive assay method would assist such a screening and the subsequent purification of the enzyme.

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FROHWEIN, Y., FRIEDMAN, M., REIZER, J. et al. Sensitive and Rapid Assay for L-Asparaginase. Nature New Biology 230, 158–159 (1971) doi:10.1038/newbio230158a0

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