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Low-grade phyllodes tumor of the seminal vesicle treated with laparoscopic excision


Background A 43-year-old man presented with a 2-year history of hematospermia and dull ache in the left testis. On physical examination he had left epididymal tenderness and a normal digital rectal examination.

Investigations Transrectal ultrasonography and MRI.

Diagnosis Low-grade phyllodes tumor of the left seminal vesicle.

Management Laparoscopic excision of the left seminal vesicle.

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Figure 1: MRI scan showing a 3 × 2 cm low-signal, soft tissue mass within the left seminal vesicle
Figure 2: Port configuration for laparoscopic excision of the left seminal vesicle
Figure 3: Distorted and bulbous seminal vesicle with an intact and smooth external surface
Figure 4: Hematoxylin and eosin-stained low-power photomicrograph of the tumor
Figure 5: Photomicrograph showing lining epithelium with focal apocrine snouting
Figure 6: Photomicrograph showing artefactual tubular invaginations into the stroma, lined by the same epithelium
Figure 7: Photomicrograph showing hypocellular, hyalinised stroma
Figure 8: Photomicrograph showing very infrequent mitotic figures within the stroma
Figure 9: High-power photomicrograph of lining epithelium, showing focal, mild stratification of cells and very occasional mitotic figures


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