Table 1: Description of raw data available for the MyConnectome project.

From: Long-term neural and physiological phenotyping of a single human

Scan typeTotalUsable
T1-weighted anatomy2110
T2-weighted anatomy1611
Diffusion-weighted (pair of scans)1915
Resting fMRI10084
Breath-holding fMRI1818*
Task fMRI: n-back1515
Task fMRI: dot-motion stop signal98
Task fMRI: object localizer88
Task fMRI: spatial working-memory localizer44
Task fMRI: language localizer55
Retinotopic mapping11
Gradient echo field map3834
RNA-sequencing 744848
  1. fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging.
  2. The ‘total’ column describes total number of scans available, including those from the pilot period and follow-ups, and those excluded for quality control. The ‘usable’ column describes number of data files from the final protocol that survived quality control (except for those marked with an asterisk, which have not yet been subjected to quality control).