Figure 5 : Comparison of fMRI and diffusion connectivity measures.

From: Long-term neural and physiological phenotyping of a single human

Figure 5

(a) Functional connectomes were thresholded at varying densities, and the resulting connections were assessed to identify the proportion of those connections that had non-zero structural connectivity identified using probabilistic diffusion tractography (thresholded at 10% density). The dashed line represents the proportion expected by chance, based on randomization of the structural connections. (b) The proportion of connections surviving at each given density that were interhemispheric, at a range of densities, for each measure. (c) Functional connectomes were thresholded at 0.25% density and presented in three-dimensional stereotactic space. Red connections had non-zero tractography connections, whereas blue connections had zero tractography connections across 500,000 samples.