Figure 2 : Connectome-wide connectivity across methods.

From: Long-term neural and physiological phenotyping of a single human

Figure 2

Parcellated connectome matrices for (a) full correlation, (b) L2-regularized partial correlation, (c) meta-analytic task connectivity modelling and (d) diffusion tractography (binarized). Networks are sorted by network modules identified from the full correlation connectome. Module labels: none: unassigned, DMN:default mode network, V2: second visual network, FP1: fronto-parietal network, V1: primary visual network, DA: dorsal attention network, VA: ventral attention network, Sal: salience network, CO:cingulo-opercular network, SM:somatomotor network, FP2: secondary fronto-parietal network, MPar:medial parietal network, ParOcc: parieto-occipital network, subcort: subcortical regions.