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Figure 3: Polarity control.

From: Realization of ground-state artificial skyrmion lattices at room temperature

Figure 3

Top row shows schematic illustrations of the SL, VL and ML states. The yellow arrows mark the core direction in the vortex and the imprinted region, while the other arrows represent the magnetic moments in other parts of the structure. (a) Magnetization curves, with the field sweeping from zero to negative saturation, for the hybrid structure prepared into the SL (red), VL (black) and ML (blue) states at remanence. (b) The image highlights the magnetization difference between the VL and SL, and zoomed-in views of the magnetization curves in dashed boxes are shown in (c) near zero field and (d) 320 mT where the Co/Pd underlayer starts its reversal, respectively.

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