Figure 6 : Longitudinal shaft curvature of pedal proximal phalanges.

From: The foot of Homo naledi

Figure 6

The Dinaledi sample (n=10) is shown in red. Differences between taxa were assessed using a one-way analysis of variance with a Bonferroni correction. Extant and fossil taxa that are not statistically distinct from that sample (P≤0.05) are shown in blue. Darkened bars represent the median, boxes represent the 50% percentile limits and whiskers represent the highest and lowest values, excluding outliers. Total sample sizes: H. sapiens: 85; P. troglodytes: 39; P. paniscus: 18; Gorilla: 17; P. pygmaeus: 40; Hylobates: 16; Symphalangus: 10; Papio: 10; Macaca: 21; Ar. kadabba: 1; Au. afarensis: 11; Au. africanus: 1.