Figure 4 : Control roles of cognitive systems.

From: Controllability of structural brain networks

Figure 4

Cognitive control hubs are differentially located across cognitive systems. (a) Hubs of average controllability are preferentially located in the default mode system. (b) Hubs of modal controllability are predominantly located in cognitive control systems, including both the frontoparietal and cingulo-opercular systems. (c) Hubs of boundary controllability are distributed throughout all systems, with the two predominant systems being ventral and dorsal attention systems. Control hubs have been identified at the group level as the 30 regions with the highest controllability values (averaged over three replicates and eight subjects). Raw percentages of control hubs present in each system have been normalized by the number of regions in the cognitive system. By applying this normalization, systems composed of a larger number of regions have the same chance of housing one of the top 30 control hubs as systems composed of a smaller number of regions.