Figure 3 : Reliability and conservation of brain network control properties.

From: Controllability of structural brain networks

Figure 3

Brain network control properties are reliable across imaging acquisition and are conserved in non-human primates. Scatter plots of weighted degree (ranked for all 234 brain regions) versus (a,d) average controllability (Pearson correlation coefficient r=0.88, P=1.0 × 10−78; r=0.90, P=4.9 × 10−34), (b,e) modal controllability (r=−0.99, P=3.9 × 0−179; r=−0.99, P=1.3 × 10−72) and (c,f) boundary controllability (r=0.14, P=0.028; r=−0.19, P=0.074) for (ac) human diffusion tensor imaging data and (d–f) macaque tract tracing data. In ac, controllability values are averaged over 85 subjects.