Figure 7 : Size-dependent near-field enhancement.

From: Field propagation-induced directionality of carrier-envelope phase-controlled photoemission from nanospheres

Figure 7

(a) Schematics of the polarization and propagation directions of the impinging few-cycle pulses and spatial trace at which the field is analysed (white arc). Radial and tangential fields (Mie solution) are evaluated by projection on the unit vectors er and et (as indicated). (b) Profiles of the local radial field enhancement, , and evolution of the characteristic angle, , with highest local radial field enhancement (black line). (c) Radial and tangential peak field amplitudes, , sampled under the characteristic angle. (d) Field ellipticity (solid), defined via the ratio b/a of the field amplitudes along the minor and major field axis (see inset), and tilt angle Δθ (dashed) of the major field axis with respect to the local surface normal (see inset). The unit vectors er and et in the inset are defined as in (a). (e) Effective pulse length (solid) and CEP shift (dashed) of the local radial field. Black arrows in (d) and (e) indicate the ordinate that correspond to each of the curves.