Figure 2 : Multistability structure of the chimera dynamics.

From: Laser chimeras as a paradigm for multistable patterns in complex systems

Figure 2

Colourized regions separated by dotted lines are identified from numerical simulations, and confirmed by the experiment (integer N along hyperbola curves, indicating the maximum number of observable chimera heads), with β=2.0 and Φ0=−0.4. N=0 or white region stands for chaotic breather25, and otherwise one has N-headed chimeras. Crossing a dotted line (numerically determined) from the up left to the low right means a unit decrement for the maximal number N of observable chimera heads (any Nσ heads with NσN being possible). Insets are examples of space–time plots for N=1, 2, 3 (chimeras) and 0 (chaotic breather). They describe the evolution of the delay system trajectory viewed in its space–time representation, the virtual space σ being along the horizontal axis, the discrete time n along the vertical axis and the amplitude xn(σ) being colour encoded. Some reference parameter points are indicated by red dots, A=(0.005,0.008), B=(0.023,0.0023) and C=(0.002,0.019).