Figure 1 : Cooperative transport.

From: Ant groups optimally amplify the effect of transiently informed individuals

Figure 1

(a) A team of P. longicornis ants retrieving a food item 350 times the mass of a single ant. (b) Sample nest-bound load trajectories of 1-m length each. Scale bar, 10 cm. (c) Snapshot from a tracked movie. Carriers are enumerated in yellow and non-carriers in white. The recent trajectories of different ants are marked by different colours. The object’s direction of movement is depicted by the blue arrow. Scale bar, 2 cm. (d) The natural variability in the number of carriers and their distribution around the load were used to extract median load speed as a function of either total ant number (orange line) or difference in ant occupancy between the leading and the trailing edge (pink line). The green line depicts the efficiency of the carrying in terms of the fraction of energy devoted to rotation. Error bars are the s.d. of a distribution of medians calculated for 1,000 samples bootstrapped from the data. N=637,696 Frames.