Nature Communications 6: Article number: 6901 (2015); Published 22 April 2015; Updated 30 June 2015

In the Methods section of this Article, there are three references that do not refer to the correct articles. The sentence ‘The sample surface was cleaned using standard procedures’ incorrectly directs to reference 2, whereas the correct reference is ref. 26. The sentence ‘To compute the self-trapping energy of small electron or hole polarons, an additional electron or hole was added to a 96-atom supercell of ZnO using the method described in refs 1,4’ incorrectly directs to reference 1. Instead, the correct reference is ref. 27. The sentence ‘To compute the BEs of large electron or hole polarons, we evaluated the second derivatives of the HSE06 eigenvalues associated to the bottom of the conduction and the top of the VB with respect to the phonon displacements following Antonius et al.6’ incorrectly directs to reference 6. The correct reference is ref. 28. These references are listed below.


26. Buchholz, M., Weidler, P. G., Bebensee, F., Nefedov, A. & Wöll, C. Carbon dioxide adsorption on a ZnO substrate studied by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16, 1672–1678 (2014).

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