Figure 1: Pathway design for IBA synthesis. | Nature Communications

Figure 1: Pathway design for IBA synthesis.

From: Two-dimensional isobutyl acetate production pathways to improve carbon yield

Figure 1

(a) IBA pathway from glucose and acetate. (b) Acetate-assimilating pathways from E. coli. Ace, acetate; acetyl-P, acetyl phosphate; AdhA, alcohol dehydrogenase from L. lactis; AlsS, acetolactate synthase from Bacillus subtilis; ATF1, alcohol-O-acetyl transferase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Glu, D-glucose; IBA; isobutyl acetate; IlvC, 2-hydroxy-3-ketol-acid reductoisomerase from E. coli; IlvD, dihydroxy-acid hydratase from E. coli; Kivd, 2-keto acid decarboxylase from Lactococcus lactis.

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