Figure 4 : AO confocal imaging in the cortex of a living mouse by direct wavefront sensing of a GS generated by TPE excitation of neurons expressing YFP.

From: Direct wavefront sensing for high-resolution in vivo imaging in scattering tissue

Figure 4

(a) Single-plane confocal images of membrane-labelled neuronal processes 10 μm below pia of a mouse (Thy1-ChR2-EYFP) measured with objective correction ring only (left) and correction ring adjustment plus AO (right). The images without AO have been digitally enhanced 2 × in brightness to improve visibility. Scale bars, 5 μm (first column); 2 μm (third column). (b) Confocal images of neuronal processes 3–17 μm below pia having cytosolic expression of YFP in a Thy1-YFPH mouse measured with correction ring adjustment, but either no AO (left) or AO plus deconvolution (right). Line cuts at far right compare the signal strength and resolution in the two cases when imaging two voids (coloured lines at left) likely caused by displacement of cytosolic YFP by the mitochondria within the dendrites. Representative images from >100 imaging sections in two mice. Scale bar, 5 μm.