Figure 3 : AO correction via direct wavefront sensing improves functional calcium imaging deep inside the cortex of a living mouse.

From: Direct wavefront sensing for high-resolution in vivo imaging in scattering tissue

Figure 3

(a) Calcium responses evoked by drifting-grating stimulation 400 and 500 μm below pia in the primary visual cortex of a mouse (Thy1-GCaMP6s line GP4.3) before (left panel) and after (right panel) correction. Brightness of each pixel reflects its s.d. across 800 frames imaged during five repetitions of the drifting-grating stimulus set, and is correlated with the local calcium transient magnitude. Scale bar, 20 μm. (b) Calcium transients at regions of interest (ROI) i–vi, before and after AO correction. Solid colours label averaged transients; faded colours label transients during specific repetitions. Top panel indicates the orientations and drifting directions of the grating stimuli. Representative images from >20 imaging sections in three mice.