Table 3: PDI in current and global warming scenarios.

From: Recent decrease in typhoon destructive potential and global warming implications

Western North Pacific DomainPDI ( × 107 m3s−3; std)I(m s−1; std)N(cases; std)D(days; std)
Current1.91 (0.38)28.74 (1.27)22.28 (4.18)6.52 (0.71)
Global warming1.62 (0.44)30.12 (1.32)16.55 (3.50)6.73 (0.99)
Global warming—current−0.29+1.38−5.73+0.21
% Change with respect to current−15.2%+4.8%−25.7%+3.2%
  1. PDI, Power Dissipation Index.
  2. Comparison of PDI and the three contributing factors under current and global warming scenarios (late 21st century projection), based on the simulated typhoon data from Zhao and Held10 and Zhao et al.11 high resolution modelling58,59,60.