Table 2: Correlations among 3 groups of parameters.

From: Recent decrease in typhoon destructive potential and global warming implications

CorrelationPDI groupCirculation groupTC-atm. group (genesis region)
 PDINIEasterlySHAISHIIZVWSVor.1st lon1st lat
PDI group
Circulation group
TCatm. group (genesis region)
 1st lon0.770.880.760.510.25−0.61−0.61−0.64−0.740.721.00−0.73
 1st lat−0.45−0.76−0.69−0.490.120.420.320.380.60−0.69−0.731.00
  1. lat, latitude; lon, longitude; PDI, Power Dissipation Index; SHAI, subtropical high area index; SHII, Subtropical High-Intensity Index; TC-atm., TC-atmosphere; Vor., Vorticity.
  2. Correlations among the PDI, circulation and TC-atmosphere groups of parameters, based on observations in 1993–2012. The PDI group consists of PDI-related parameters including PDI, (duration), (case number × duration), N (case number) and I (intensity). The circulation group consists of three parameters related to the large-scale circulation at 850 hPa, including the easterly wind, SHAI and SHII. The typhoon-atmosphere group at the genesis region consists of typhoon-related atmospheric parameters, including ZVWS (zonal vertical wind shear), 850 hPa vorticity, genesis longitude and genesis latitude. This table is part of the large 23 parameter by 23 parameter table in Supplementary Table 2.