Figure 2 : Soil carbon rapidly increases with conversion of row crop to intensive grazing.

From: Emerging land use practices rapidly increase soil organic matter

Figure 2

Soil carbon (Mg C ha−1) content shown for the top 30 cm of farms converted in 2006 (green symbols), 2008 (blue symbols) and 2009 (black symbols) and a control farm currently in row crop (grey symbols). Samples from soil pits and soil cores are distinguished by circles and triangles, respectively; open versus closed black circles are from different locations on the 2009 farm. The linear regression (solid line: r2=0.88, P<0.0001) and 95% confidence intervals (dashed lines) are for data between 2 and 6 years since conversion only. The grey-shaded arrows represent our interpretation of soil carbon change in this system on the basis of current data.