Table 1: Refinement and Model Statistics.

From: Structure of the Bacillus subtilis 70S ribosome reveals the basis for species-specific stalling

Data collection and refinement
 Pixel size (Å)1.108
 Defocus range (μm)1.0–2.5
 Voltage (kV)300
 Electron dose (e−2)28
 Map sharpening B factor (Å2)−124.35
 Resolution (Å, 0.143 FSC)3.9
Model Composition
 Non-hydrogen atoms135,413
 Protein residues5660
 RNA bases4675
R.m.s. deviations
 Bonds (Å)0.0094
 Angles (Å)1.46
Validation (proteins)
 Molprobity score (79th percentile)1.94
 Clashscore, all atoms (80th percentile)8.38
 Good rotamers (%)99.85
Ramachandran plot
 Favored (%)91.95
 Outliers (%)1.98
Validation (RNA)
 Correct sugar puckers (%)97.75
 Good backbone conformation (%)100
  1. FSC,Fourier Shell Correlation; R.m.s., root-mean square.