Figure 2 : The path of the mRNA through the B. subtilis MifM-SRC.

From: Structure of the Bacillus subtilis 70S ribosome reveals the basis for species-specific stalling

Figure 2

(a) Location of Shine–Dalgarno(SD)-anti-SD-like helix on 70S ribosome (30S, yellow; 50S, grey, P-tRNA, green). (b) Codon–anticodon interaction between P-tRNA (dark green) and mRNA (pale green). (c) Electron density (grey mesh) and molecular model for the path of the mifM mRNA (green) from the P-site to back of the 30S subunit (d) where it forms an 8 base pair SD-anti-SD-like helix with the 3’ end of the 16S rRNA (blue). (e) Schematic for the non-canonical base-pairing observed in the SD-anti-SD-like helix of the MifM-SRC. (f) Comparison of SD-anti-SD-like helix observed in B. subtilis MifM-SRC (blue) with initiation SD-anti-SD helix (grey) and post-initiation SD-anti-SD helix (red) observed previously22.