Figure 8 : Correlation of hexokinase with glucose consumption and its expression in human brain.

From: Direct neuronal glucose uptake heralds activity-dependent increases in cerebral metabolism

Figure 8

(a) HK1 immunohistochemistry of mouse brain. (b) Glucose consumption calculated from 14C-2DG signal in the cortex, striatum, thalamus, and corpus callosum plotted against HK1 immunoreactivity in the same area. Correlation coefficient R2=0.85 (N=5 for HK1 quantification, N=5 for autoradiography). (c) The ratio of neuronal versus astrocytic 2DG-IR uptake plotted against HK1 immunoreactivity in the cortex, striatum, hippocampal CA1 and CA3 regions. Correlation coefficient R2=0.78 (N=5 for HK1 quantification, N=6–9 for 2DG-IR uptake). (d) Orthogonal projections of a 0.1-μm step size Z-stack and image of HK1 (red) and NeuN (grey) immunohistochemistry of adult human cortex. (e) Immunohistochemistry of HK1 (red) and GFAP (green) in adult human cortex. Scale bars, 10 μm (d,e).