Figure 8 : ERK7 plays a role in ciliogenesis in mTECs.

From: ERK7 regulates ciliogenesis by phosphorylating the actin regulator CapZIP in cooperation with Dishevelled

Figure 8

(a) Quantitative RT–PCR analysis of ERK7, FoxJ1, Dnah9, Rsph1, Tekt2 and Spag6 expression levels during the time course of mTEC differentiation. The average of three (ALI+1) or four (ALI-2, 0, +2, +5, +7, +10 and +15) independent experiments is shown. Error bars represent the s.d. (b) Knockdown efficiency of shRNA constructs against mouse ERK7 was assessed using mIMCD3 cells. (c,d) Knockdown of ERK7 in mTECs using lentivirus vectors encoding shRNA. At 8 days after ALI creation, mTECs were fixed for immunostaining with anti-acetylated α-tubulin (Ac.-tub.) to visualize cilia (red). EGFP (green) indicates infected cells. (d) The percentage of infected cells with normal multicilia (arrowhead in c) among all of the infected cells was calculated by counting the cell number in thirty fields (at least 500 cells for each condition were assessed). The average of three independent experiments is shown. *P<0.05. Statistical significance was determined by the t-test. Error bars represent the s.d. Scale bars, 5 μm.