Figure 5 : ERK7 is required for basal body migration.

From: ERK7 regulates ciliogenesis by phosphorylating the actin regulator CapZIP in cooperation with Dishevelled

Figure 5

(ac) Each MO (15 ng per cell) was injected into the ventral marginal region of two blastomeres at the four-cell stage, and the embryos were fixed at stage 35/36. (a,b) MCCs of embryos immunostained with anti-γ-tubulin to visualize basal bodies (red). As a tracer, mem-EGFP (green) was used. (b) Transverse sections of the embryos shown in a. (c) MCCs of embryos stained with phalloidin to visualize actin meshworks (green). MCCs were detected by multipunctate localization of Centrin2-mCherry (red). Data are representative of two independent experiments. Scale bars, 5 μm.