Table 2 Overlap between differentially expressed genes in ppdk, pck1 and ppdk-pck1 and genes that are known to respond to sugar-starvation.

From: Arabidopsis uses two gluconeogenic gateways for organic acids to fuel seedling establishment

Genotypes Number of overlapping genes
ppdk versus SSM 4 (1%)
pck1 versus SSM 41 (15%)
mls versus SSM 64 (23%)
DM versus SSM 108 (38%)
icl versus SSM 180 (64%)
ppdk versus mls 5
ppdk versus icl 9
ppdk versus pck1 14
ppdk versus DM 18
pck1 versus mls 168
pck1 versus icl 328
DM versus mls 376
DM versus icl 823
DM versus pck1 946
  1. DM, double mutant; SSM, Sugar starvation marker; SAM, Statistical Analysis of Microarrays.
  2. The overlap between genes significantly (P<0.05, SAM, n=3) more than two-fold up- or downregulated in 2-day-old ppdk, pck1, ppdk-pck1, mls23 and icl23 seedlings versus wild type and a set of 278 sugar-starvation marker (SSM) genes25. Three microarray experiments were performed for each genotype.