Table 1: Summary of the rise rates in the three SLR regimes.

From: An extreme event of sea-level rise along the Northeast coast of North America in 2009–2010

Sea level differentiation method for yearly SLR rate
 s.d. (mm per year)14.519.918.0
 2009 Rate (mm per year)46.931.23.0
 Range of the 2009 rate at different stations (mm per year)32.5–64.022.0–41.5−7–16
Linear fit method for yearly SLR rate
 s.d. (mm per year)14.120.317.7
 2009 Rate (mm per year)41.731.213.5
 2009 Error bar (mm per year)8.612.016.1
 2010 Sea-level increase over previous record (mm)59.417.1
 Long-term trend (1920–2012) (mm per year)