Figure 4 : Correlation between the AMOC and the sea-level composite along the NE coast.

From: An extreme event of sea-level rise along the Northeast coast of North America in 2009–2010

Figure 4

(a) The time series of the NE sea-level composite (monthly grey, filtered blue) and the AMOC strength at 26.5°N (Sv, monthly grey, filtered red). The seasonal cycle has been removed with a 6-month filter applied. (b) The monthly correlation and regression between the AMOC and NE sea-level composite (mm per Sv, 2-month lag with the AMOC leading the SLR). The blue dots highlight the data during the period of the 30% AMOC downturn. The linear fit in black is based on all monthly data during April 2004–September 2012. The linear fit in red is based on the red dots only and excluding the period of the 30% AMOC downtown. The data are from PSMSL and the RAPID-WATCH MOC project.