Figure 2 : Yearly SLR rates along the East Coast of North America.

From: An extreme event of sea-level rise along the Northeast coast of North America in 2009–2010

Figure 2

(a,d,g) Yearly SLR rates (mm per year) of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast composite, respectively. The absolute and relative (to 1σ) rates are shown by the right and left y axis, respectively. (b,e,h) Box and whisker plots indicate the position of the 2009 SLR rates for the three sea-level composites, respectively. The 2009 SLR rates are depicted by the green bars and dots. (c,f,i) Return period of the yearly SLR rates. Dots show the TG data during 1920–2011. Solid lines indicate the exceedance probability of the Gaussian distribution and the corresponding return period. Dotted lines represent the 5%–95% confidence interval of the Gaussian distribution fit. The 2009 box marks the NE 2009 SLR rate. See Methods section for the calculation of the return period.