Figure 1: Optical properties of PFO thin films. | Nature Communications

Figure 1: Optical properties of PFO thin films.

From: Dip-pen patterning of poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) chain-conformation-based nano-photonic elements

Figure 1

(a) Absorption, (b) calculated refractive index and (c) peak-normalized PL spectra of a glassy PFO film (black lines+circles) spin-coated from hot toluene onto a heated fused silica substrate and the same film after it has been structured by immersion in decalin and dried under ambient conditions over several hours (red lines). The horizontal arrows in c indicate the spectral position and band-pass of the confocal microscopy filters used to preferentially select glassy (415 nm) and β-phase (440 nm) PL (vide infra). The inset in b shows schematic representations of glassy (black) and β-phase (red) chain segments with their alkyl side-chains (C8H17) omitted for clarity.

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