Figure 4 : The papyrus alphabet from PHerc.Paris. 4.

From: Revealing letters in rolled Herculaneum papyri by X-ray phase-contrast imaging

Figure 4

(a) The alphabet letters from A to N (alpha to nu) as revealed by the XPCT experiment, primarily from the innermost region of the papyrus, where the individual coils are more distinguishable, are reported on lines 1 and 2; on line 3 the infrared images of the same letters from the unrolled papyrus PHerc. 1471, which was used as a reference for the writing style of the scroll PHerc.Paris. 4. Printed capital letters of the ancient Greek alphabet are given below line 3. (b) The alphabet letters revealed by the XPCT experiment from Ξ to Ω (xi to omega).