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Figure 2: Experimental setup.

From: Time-resolved compression of a capsule with a cone to high density for fast-ignition laser fusion

Figure 2

(a) Schematic of the setup of the backlighter experiment with a Cu foil irradiated by the OMEGA EP short-pulse beam and using 54 OMEGA beams to implode a cone-in-shell target. A 50-μm-thick Al foil was located 2 mm from the Cu foil to shield it from plasma and X-ray radiation from the implosion. A raw image of the fuel assembly is shown in the image plane. The distances are not to scale. (b) Illustration of the cone-in-shell target. (c) Laser pulse shape to implode the capsule. (d) Time-resolved Kα X-ray emission from a Cu foil target irradiated with an ~1-kJ, 10-ps pulse.

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