Figure 4 : Multi-voxel pattern similarity analysis for pain-processing regions.

From: Separate neural representations for physical pain and social rejection

Figure 4

(a) SVM classifier weight patterns within regions-of-interest (ROIs) from group-level GLM results. The regions were activated in both contrasts, Heat-pain versus Warmth and Ex-partner versus Friend, and have been implicated in both pain and rejection. Here, a liberal threshold (P<0.05, uncorrected) was applied to use large enough regions for multi-voxel pattern similarity analyses (the averaged number of voxels across six ROIs=213). For GLM results corrected for multiple comparisons, see Supplementary Fig. 3. The patterns presented here are the averaged SVM classifier weights from bootstrap tests (10,000 samples). aINS, anterior insula; dACC, dorsal anterior cingulate cortex; dpINS, dorsal posterior insula; S2, secondary somatosensory cortex. (b) Left: the bootstrap test results for SVM classifier weight correlations. Right: the group-level correlations between fMRI activations of contrast images for pain and rejection (n=59). The short red lines in the left panel indicate 95% confidence intervals obtained from bootstrap tests (10,000 samples). No regions showed significant correlations between SVM classifier weights, and no regions showed significant average correlations between patterns of contrast values across participants.