Figure 2 : Separate modifiability of fMRI pattern-based classifiers for pain and rejection.

From: Separate neural representations for physical pain and social rejection

Figure 2

(a) Cross-validated (leave-one-subject-out) accuracy in two-choice classification tests (n=59). The results demonstrated separate modifiability (each can be changed independent of the other) of the fMRI pattern-based classifiers. The dashed line indicates the chance level (50%), and the error bars represent standard error of the mean across subjects. (b) The distributed fMRI pattern maps in which voxel activity reliably contributes to the discrimination of pain (top panel) and rejection (bottom panel) from other conditions. The maps show thresholded voxel weights based on bootstrapping (10,000 samples) of SVMs for display only; all weights were used in classification. r between two pattern maps denotes Pearson’s correlation of voxel weights. ***P<0.001, binomial test.