Figure 2: Choice behaviour for restoring justice. | Nature Communications

Figure 2: Choice behaviour for restoring justice.

From: Fairness violations elicit greater punishment on behalf of another than for oneself

Figure 2

We compute endorsement rates by the frequency an option is selected from all available trials, such that each option’s endorsement rate is out of 100%. (a) Results (N=112) reveal that compensation is the most preferred choice, even when offered highly unfair splits. (b) The choice pair compensate versus reverse (game structure illustrated in Fig. 1b) equates for Player B’s fiscal efficiency, such that Player B can both compensate himself and punish Player A at no cost. Even when punishment is free, participants significantly prefer to compensate themselves and apply no punishment to Player A; Pearson’s χ2=9, 1 df, P=0.003, ϕ=0.15.

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