Figure 4 : TEM images of discharge products.

From: Effect of the size-selective silver clusters on lithium peroxide morphology in lithium–oxygen batteries

Figure 4

(a) On Ag3-based cathode material (scale bar, 200 nm); (b) on Ag9-based cathode material (scale bar, 200 nm); (c) on Ag15-based cathode material (scale bar, 20 nm); and (d) on Ag15-based cathode material at higher resolution (scale bar, 2 nm). The inset in d shows an FFT of the Ag15-based cathode material where the inner ring corresponds to (201) Li2O2 planes and the outer ring corresponds to (220) Li2O2 planes. Crystalline and amorphous regions are seen in d. The cell is discharged to 2.5 V in all cases.