Table 1: DUB enzymes analysed in this study.

From: Screening of DUB activity and specificity by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

 DUB familyDUBUniProt accession numberTagDomainHostMALDI-TOF DUBRhodamine-110-Glycine
       DUB concentration for hydrolysis rate ≥20%Specific activity (counts per min ng−1)Activity*
1Ubiquitin-specific proteases (USPs)USP1/UAF1O94782HisFull lengthS. frugiperda2 ng μl−192**
2 USP2bO75604GSTFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−1133***
3 USP4Q13107HisFull lengthE. coli20 ng μl−1367***
4 USP5P45974HisFull lengthE. coli0.2 ng μl−159**
5 USP6P35125GST(529–1,406)S. frugiperda0.02 ng μl−1638***
6 USP7Q93009HisFull lengthE. coli0.2 ng μl−115**
7 USP8P40818HisFull lengthS. frugiperda20 ng μl−116**
8 USP9xQ93008GST(1,553–1,995)E. coli20 ng μl−16
9 USP10Q14694HisFull lengthS. frugiperda20 ng μl−110*
10 USP15Q9Y4E8GSTFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−1107***
11 USP16Q9Y5T5HisFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−1323***
12 USP20Q9Y2K6GSTFull lengthS. frugiperda2 ng μl−1405***
13 USP21Q9UK80His(196–565)E. coli2 ng μl−1416***
14 USP25Q9UHP3GSTFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−117**
15 USP27xA6NNY8DACFull lengthS. frugiperda2 ng μl−18
16 USP28Q96RU2GSTFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−110*
17 USP36Q9P275GST(81–461)E. coli200 ng μl−16
18 CYLDQ9NQC7HisFull lengthS. frugiperda2 ng μl−14
19UCHsUCHL1P09936HisFull lengthE. coli218***
20 UCHL3P15374GSTFull lengthE. coli623***
21 UCHL5Q9Y5K5GSTFull lengthE. coli256***
22 BAP1Q92560GSTFull lengthE. coli46**
23Ovarian tumour proteases (OTUs)OTULINQ96BN8GSTFull lengthE. coli0.02 ng μl−14
24 OTUB1Q96FW1GSTFull lengthE. coli20 ng μl−13
25 OTUB2Q96DC9GSTFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−15
26 OTUD1Q5VV17His(270–481)E. coli0.2 ng μl−173**
27 OTUD3Q5T2D3HisFull lengthE. coli20 ng μl−1255***
28 OTUD5 pS177Q96G74GSTFull lengthE. coli200 ng μl−118**
29 OTUD6AQ7L8S5HisFull lengthE. coli539***
30 OTUD6BQ8N6M0GSTFull lengthE. coli9
31 OTU1Q5VVQ6GSTFull lengthE. coli8
32 A20P21580GST(1–366)E. coli20 ng μl−19*
33 CezanneQ6GQQ9GSTFull lengthE. coli0.02 ng μl−1466***
34 TRABIDQ9UGI0His(245–697)E. coli20 ng μl−116**
35 vOTUQ6TQR6His(1–183)E. coli0.02 ng μl−1670***
36 VCPIP1Q96JH7HisFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−113*
36 VCPIP1Q96JH7GST(25–561)E. coli20 ng μl−112*
37MJD+JOSD1Q15040HisFull lengthE. coli20**
38 JOSD2Q8TAC2HisFull lengthE. coli175***
39 ATXN3LQ9H3M9HisFull lengthE. coli8
40JAMM/ MPN+AMSHO95630GST(256–424)E. coli20 ng μl−15
41 AMSH-LPQ96FJ0GST(265–436)E. coli0.2 ng μl−16
42 BRCC3P46736HisFull lengthE. coli2 ng μl−18
  1. DUB, deubiquitylases; E. coli, Escherichia coli; JAMM, JAB/MPN/Mov34 metalloenzyme; MALDI-TOF, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight; MJD, Machado–Joseph disease; S. frugiperda, Spodoptera frugiperda; UCH, ubiquitin carboxy (C)-Terminal hydrolase.
  2. *() very low (0–8.9 counts min−1 ng−1); (*) low (9–14 counts min−1 ng−1); (**) moderate (15–99 counts min−1 ng−1); (***) high (100–700 counts min−1 ng−1) activity by Rhodamine-110-Glycine assay.