Figure 2 : Instrument characterization, signal processing and validation of the data analysis pipeline.

From: Retrieving the intracellular topology from multi-scale protein mobility mapping in living cells

Figure 2

(a) Approximation of the PSF of the line-confocal microscope as used for subsequent correlation analysis. (b) Fluorescence signal correction by Fourier filtering. Left: exemplary raw and corrected Fourier transformed fluorescence signal in the frequency domain. Right: fluorescence signal before and after signal correction in the time domain. (c) Experimental AC curve and XC curves for 1 and 3 μm diffusion distance for a reference measurement with 20 nM QDots in aqueous solution. Correlation curves were fitted with Supplementary Equation (22). (d) Experimental AC and XC carpet (3 μm) of QDots measured in water. (e) The MSD scales linearly with time for the QDot reference measurements in water as expected for free diffusion. Data are mean values ±s.e.m. (n=10 measurements). Norm., normalized.